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Insomnia is a real problem in today’s world. People are constantly stressed and working in a limited time frame to do anything. This added stress can make it very difficult to sleep, and force people to take highly addictive chemical compounds in order to sleep in their allotted time.

Fortunately there is a simple way around this. Many people do this with younger children, and forget about it as they age. You can put on a natural skin salve that assists in the sleeping process. There are many different types of ingredients you can search for when dealing with this, and a few of them will be listed below.

Some of the most common ingredients found in these salves is lavender and chamomile. Both of these work excellently and have a wonderful soothing effect. This helps to relieve stress which inhibits sleep. These ingredients are best applied to the temples and chest to assist in breathing in the fumes they let off. Breathing in the smell of these two ingredients is very therapeutic and can help as sedation and relaxation. You should take these right before going to bed.

Lemon balm is another common ingredient to look into, and so is the best olive oil for skin care. You must have the essential oil of lemon balm, but it has wonderful effects. It can be taken in many other forms, but as an essential oil, inhaled it can have several positive effects. Primarily it acts as a relaxer and calming agent. However it can also boost your mood and slightly improve memory. All of these things are wonderful impacts that this essential oil has on the human body. It should be taken in the same way as lavender and chamomile; Right before bed place it on your chest and temples.

These three ingredients will work wonders for anyone with insomnia. However, you should keep in mind that nothing should be taken forever. Even natural ingredients like these should not be ingested every night for insomnia. The goal should be to eventually wean yourself off of them.

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